Bianco Falanghina
di Puglia IGP

Trasformation phases

“Diraspapigiatura, pigiatura” and abatement

5-9 October
(after the harvest) The entrance of the grapes in the wine cellars: the grapes enter in the “Diraspapigiatrice” and then cope with the soft wine press


6 - 10 October
(1 day)

After 12 hours of rest takes place the first prefermentation Sfecciatura in order to eliminate the face and to reduce its contact with the must, while avoiding the release of substance not desired during fermentation.


6 - 18 october

This phase is done at controlled temperature, which is around 14-15 degree. After that phase there are the replecements and the addition of spectific actrivator for the development of yeast (Nutristart). This process allows a regular alcholoc fermentation, which prevents the formation of undesirable compounds.


18 ottobre

After fermentation, the process continue with the racking by decanting and storaging in steel tanks. It follows a second racking, with addition of potassium metabisulfite (6gr / hl), and a third racking with addition of tannin (Quertanin Sweet) to prevent oxidation.


Dal 18 ottobre

It’s possible to procede with the affinamento phase of 30-45 days in a tank with 22 decanting repeated

Tartaric Stabilization

Dal 22 febbraio
(per 7 giorni)

Before bottling, the tartaric stabilization at cold occurs in a steal tank for 5 day period through a computerized refrigeration system.


2 March